The Ketubah Artist’s Dream: Meeting One Of Our Couples

One of our ketubah dreams is about to come true.

Since we started (a year ago now?), we’ve created a few hundred ketubot. Because we pride ourselves on our close relationships with our couples, we’ve spoken to many on the phone and now, post-wedding, we still talk to lots of couples. Oh we’ll never forget Ruben and Aimee and many of our other favorite couples!

But we’ve never met anyone in person, excluding our friends and friends-of-friends for whom we’ve created ketubot. We wonder: what are they like?

Well, ladies and gentleman… our dream is about to come true.

One couple, Neta and Craig, just fell in love with our New York subway ketubah. Nina spoke with them lots on the phone, ensuring their ketubah was just perfect.

And came out, in the conversation, that they’re going on their honeymoon to… Argentina. And where does Team Ketubah spend a chunk of our year? Wait for it… oh you don’t see this one coming… Argentina! Wow, you guessed that one? You’re smart, you intellectual!

So, we are going to meet them, beaming and jumping with happiness!!! I will personally invite them for a drink, perhaps some Argentine fernet or hesperidina. We’ll do a mini-dance together. We’ll get to know them. We’ll show them our arts studio.

I know they’re as excited as we are, because I’ve already gotten a dozen emails from them, not just beaming about how in-love with their Ketubah are, but with every little question about Argentina. (As a side-note, all of my answers boil down to the same: avoid San Telmo, only hang out in Palermo! And do Palermo like the boss!)

Meeting them is like something theoretical suddenly becomes practical. Having a lot of money in a bank account is theoretical, so you don’t feel rich; but using it to buy a big house is very practical, so you feel it (I would say, if I were a rich man, la-de-da-da-da!). Meeting a couple in person, whom we didn’t already know, will make it so real. Finally. Finally!!

I wonder what the couple is like: nice or pretentious? Cool hipsters or from the Great Jewish Upper Middle Class? Nerdy or normal (said as a nerd!)? Genius intellectuals, or the girl-and-guy-next-door? More or less religious? What motivates them, are they living out their passions or their parent’s passions or restraining their passions? Have they realized they’re all grown-up, or still partying like it’s 1999?

Do they feel that life is a delicate gift from God that we need to be thankful every moment that we have, and celebrate the gift of health with kindess and goodness and generosity? Or do they carpe diem it, living every moment like it’s their last (and perhaps, it is)?

And what drew them to this Ketubah? Are they deep intense subway nerds like I am? (The walls of my home are covered with old maps, including the classic New York subway maps… are theirs?). Or did they like the romance and New York feel of this Ketubah? Did they even get the obscure joke in the Ketubah name, of the IRT — from the old nomenclature of the New York subway before the city took over the lines and renamed them? How did everyone at the wedding react to the Ketubah?

Oh I know they’re also on the edge of their seat to make it to Argentina, and they’re psyched to meet me. I’ll have stories to share. But what happens? What is the dénouement of the plot? Is there the unexpected twist at the end?

The suspense, the suspense!!!!

Stay tuned for Part II… coming as soon as we meet. Their plane is landing any time now!

Team Ketubah
PS: Yes, I know I use exclamation points to convey my emotions; if I were more eloquent, I would find the right words to convey such excitement but punctuation marks and these days emoticons are easy ways for the less-eloquent, like me, to convey our emotions.

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