[Rick-Rolled Edition] Ketubah That Just Tells You How You Feel!

If you’ve ever been Rick Rolled– that ridiculous internet phenomenon where a seemingly normal YouTube video is sabotaged by 1980s idol Rick Astley’s music video for “Never Gonna Give You Up”– you know that the song is actually pretty catchy! In the spirit of having a little Monday afternoon fun, Team Ketubah wanted to surprise you with this feel-good classic! Check it out:

He might not be a member of the Tribe, Team Ketubah is all about creating a gorgeous interfaith Ketubah. True love doesn’t discriminate, and neither do our ketubahs for same sex couples, but there is something special about the Rick Astley swag that gets us excited to mix the old with the new.

We don’t exactly have any plans to create a Rick Astley Ketubah– but one of the most exciting parts of Team Ketubah are our gorgeous commissioned Ketubot, where we work directly with couples to design art they’ll absolutely love, completely from scratch! Whether lovers of music or nature, our Arts Team will work tirelessly until you have a Ketubah that you absolutely love, perfectly delivered to your door! A cool Ketubah within reach? We wouldn’t be happy doing anything else!

So what’s so great about never Gonna Give You Up? There’s something about his genuine style and ever-so-cheesy lyrics that get us in the mood for a wedding. Behind every sappy song is a beautiful, true sentiment, and today Rick Astley just happened to move us. As we work on our bold, colorful Ketubot, we never forget that they’ll be hanging as a testament to our couples’ relationships as an important part of the Jewish home. And that’s something to get excited about!

Team Ketubah

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