USPS Stamps Inspired Ketubah? Don’t Knock It!

Do you remember the last time you went to the Post Office? Or when you weren’t in a frantic rush to get out of there as soon as possible? Or dreaded every minute of it? Neither can we!

Before you go hating on one of the United States’ oldest institutions, you might not realize that there’s a beautiful bright spot in this most-under-appreciated-government-agency that just might bring you back to your childhood. Whether you collected stamps or your uncle Max had a collection that took up the entire house, it’s easy to forget that there are thousands of designs by all sorts of artists, featuring famous folks, places, and festivals!

It turns out that USPS is actually quite the inspiration for couples looking for an exciting, bold, and anything-but-conventional Ketubot! The idea hit us: what if we created a Ketubah inspired by none other than USPS postage stamps! Sound absurd? Not at all! In fact, we got this great idea from the brilliant idea-mill over at BrokeAss Bride!

King and Queen Stamps

She featured this beautiful set of stamps, that your neighborhood postal store should have on hand (or can order within about a week!). Whether your fancy is Kings & Queens, flowers, or even the far reaches of space, there is probably a stamp for that! And if you’re the type of couple that already has your invitations taken care of, the inspiration for your colorful and custom Ketubah isn’t too far away!

Our team of Artists will expertly take your creative invitations (and even the stamps) to create an awesome Ketubah, with all of the right touches! From capturing the joy of your wedding day to the delicate beauty of your postage stamps, we find design inspiration everywhere we look. Whether starting from scratch or building on a design you love, we’re ready to work with you and your fiance(e) on something absolutely unique and gorgeous!!

Who says the Post Office has to be boring? It just might be the spark of creativity your wedding’s been looking for!

Team Ketubah

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