Ketubah Questions: Wear Your Ketubah?

We’ve been getting some great ideas for Ketubot from our Facebook page, and quite a few incredible pictures from our Ketubah Couples themselves! In fact, other the weekend we got a great question from a Ketubah Facebook fan, so we wanted to give it some love on our Blog. It’s a great idea, and an awesome opportunity to explain all about Ketubot!

Here’s the question:
Would someone please explain what a ketubah actually is and how it is worn in a wedding?

(you can also check out the image here!)

First, the heart of the matter. What exactly is a Ketubah? A Ketubah is a centuries old traditional Jewish marriage contract signed on wedding day. While the most Orthodox and days-of-yore style Ketubot include a list of obligations between husband and wife in rather material ways, modern Ketubot are all about inclusion, emotion, and commitment between Bride and Groom. The modern progressive and interfaith wedding should have a modern Ketubah, for all sorts of couples

This Is Not a Ketubah creates all sorts of bold, colorful designs we hope our couples will absolutely love!

Now, on to our favorite (and most inspired) part of the question: How is it worn?

Strictly speaking a Ketubah is printed on a number of mediums, from our own Premium Endura Paper, Canvas Ketubahs, or other flat paper-like mediums. Many couples display them at their wedding after framing and mounting them on an easel, so all of their guests can see the vows they have promised to each other!

We haven’t yet seen a Bride or Groom who chose to make their Ketubah into clothing– most have stuck with the traditional Tux and Wedding Dress combination, but that doesn’t mean we aren’t creative enough to take on the challenge!

Looking for a Ketubah you can wear? We’d love to hear more about your grand plans, and we’d be absolutely thrilled to be part of them!!

Team Ketubah

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