Canvas Ketubah Print Options!

Team Ketubah is excited to announce an exciting new way to create your dream Ketubah: Canvas!

Now, we're thrilled to introduce a new medium to display the Ketubah you absolutely love, whether choosing one of our Standard Ketubot or a 100% unique Commissioned design! Canvas-on-Matboard and Canvas Gallery Wraps are jaw-dropping gorgeous ways to give your Ketubah a beautiful canvas texture you'll treasure for years!


Details: The Canvas-On-Matboard option mounts your Canvas Ketubah Print onto a stiff backing, ready for framing, giving your Ketubah gallery-level quality with canvas bonded to matboard. The canvas provides the rich texture for your Ketubah print and the matboard gives it a sturdy backing that prepares it for framing or other types of display.

Canvas Gallery Wraps
Details: Unlike prints bonded to canvas, Gallery Wraps are made by printing your Ketubah directly on fine art canvas and wrapping it around a 1.5" stretcher frame. Our artists will work with the Ketubah design you choose to make it work perfectly with a Gallery Wrap, all the way around!

This is Not a Ketubah is dedicated to getting your Ketubah to your door exactly as you want it--even printed on canvas!

Want to learn more about pricing options or just want to say hello? Drop us a line and we'll be in touch!

Team Ketubah

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