Your Monday Cuteness: “She Doesn’t Love Me”

Every now and then Team Ketubah comes across a truly touching video, and we just couldn’t keep it keep it to ourselves! This short film talked to us on so many levels because it isn’t just incredibly cute, it is also written, directed, and produced by up-and-coming Argentine-Jewish protege Martín Piroyansky (a friend of a friend of a friend– yes, we’ve even met him in the flesh!). It might be a bit on the long side, but wait until the end: a guaranteed tear-jerker.

What’s a Ketubah Collective doing with a blog post titled so contrary to the very documents expressing love, trust, and commitment that we create? Well, you’ll have to see all of No Me Ama, or in English, She Doesn’t Love Me to know why it touches our yiddisha souls.

Creative, beautiful, and inspired, Martín captures the unique and touching way of young love. Calling on the tried-and-true monologue style, this short but oh-so-sweet film proves that love is time-less, through culture, language, and age.

This Is Not a Ketubah is all about harnessing the feelings of our couples, but we can’t quite put our finger on why this video was so exciting and meaningful to us. It could be that the protagonist is a young Jew in love, with a story so similar to many of our friends and family who felt the triumph of getting engaged and preparing for his wedding. Mixing the traditional with the modern, No Me Ama brings ancient emotions to laptops everywhere– and we couldn’t be more excited!

So, whether you look to express your love through traditional documents or more progressive images, colors, and texts, the This Is Not a Ketubah Team is here to help!

Team Ketubah

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