Challah Back: The Challah Aficionado’s Ketubah!

Challah Back: It may just be the oldest “Too Cool for Jew School” joke in the book, but we couldn’t resist! It’s no secret that Jewish life cycle events are dictated by all sorts of traditional foods, from your Bubbe’s kitchen to your new apartment in the City. But whether you’re more of the Sephardi type who prefers to eat rice on Passover or more of a Gefilte Fishy Jew, some things are universal among the Tribe.

For starters: The love of our people’s bread Challah! Braided golden and crisp (throw some raisins in, too!), the Challah has long spoken to the Jewish people as a symbol of our tradition, culture, and identity. Confidently holding down Shabbat dinners and the most delicious french-toast you’ve ever had on Sunday morning, it is much more than just bread for Friday Night. It’s an identity.

Check out this incredible shot, posted by the great ladies over at The Wedding Yentas. Featuring some beautiful photography of Jewish and Interfaith weddings, the Yentas have a great site! We couldn’t help but snag this picture of a Challah so big, it doesn’t even fit inside the frame!

Did the shtetl ever see a Challah this big? Probably not! Even so, we absolutely love the blending of traditional with the modern, and we strive to make all our collective’s Ketubot match both the ancient customs of our people together with the modern bride & groom!

If you love Challah, then why not get creative with your Ketubah, and think about a design inspired by the flaky, golden, delicious-with-chicken feeling of Challah! Alright, maybe we’re going a bit overboard. But there is definitely something to be said about ‘breaking bread’ an important part of your wedding day!

Thanks to Heidi Ryder for these great shots!

Team Ketubah

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