Making The Perfect Beach Ketubah

Some couples love a Ketubah with the seven species of Israel. Some love Ketubot in Chagall’s style. Some love Ketubahs that look like a ’60s rock concert poster — true story that! We can never guess what art or feeling or aesthetic inspires a couple to want to memorialize their love and wedding moment in their Ketubah.

But we think that a lot of couples are going to love a new Ketubah we’re now working on: a Beach Ketubah. The beach, the sunshine, the palm trees — it is the perfect scene for a wedding, and a wonderful moment to put onto your Ketubah.

Even though it’s not ready yet — soon! soon! hold yer horses! — we’re already really excited about it. We think it will quickly become one of our most beloved Ketubot, right next to the Picasso-ish II and our Rothko-ish I.

But it will be worth the wait.

There are a few reasons why we expect this Ketubah to be a smash hit. They include:

  • Beach weddings are more and more popular. A century ago, no one ever got married on a beach. Now — well, my own cousin (I am Morgan, one of the founders of our little team) got married last year on a beach in Miami. Both my cousin and his new wife are Jewish; and unfortunately we didn’t give them a Ketubah because we had not yet started This Is Not a Ketubah! Some of my cousins had interfaith weddings — but some of them, like Matt, had Jewish-only weddings!
  • The Beach is so beautiful, that it is the perfect moment to put on a Ketubah. The setting sun, the palm trees rising high, the waves crashing. Just imagine it in your mind now: don’t you want to be there?
  • Wedding aside, the Beach brings everyone amazing memories: it inspires relaxation, lazy days, good feelings, great weather, blue skies.

So — expect our Beach Ketubah soon! And, in the meantime, if you think you might be interested in it, or if you have any ideas or suggestions for it, just drop us a line at and we’ll try to incorporate your suggestions!

Team Ketubah

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