Old Jews Telling (Ketubah) Jokes: Directions!

Few things are as exciting as Old Jews Telling Jokes, especially when it has to do with the trials of everyday life! Team Ketubah is all about adding a little bit of humor, and no one can tell a joke better than Grandpa, or Zeiti if you will!

Why do we love this video so much? Well, you have to watch until the very end to really love it. The actor? Someone’s grandfather! The accent? Incredibly authentic, Old World all the way. Authentic Old Jew clothes? Check! Nothing is quite as cool as spending time with your grandparents, even if it takes a little bit of Maneschevitz to really get the room rolling. We love to laugh as much as the next guy (and girl), so go ahead– push play!

Mixing the traditional with the modern? Bam! Old Jews Telling Jokes brings the modern technology by recording all of the latest (well, oldest) jokes using the highest quality sound studio, just like This Is Not a Ketubah only use Professional ENDURA PREMIUM paper to create your gorgeous Ketubah.

Looking for bold, beautiful colors? As bold as the jokes on Old Jews Telling Jokes? Our Ketubot aren’t just incredibly modern, they’ll make your parents and grandparents kvell (in the best way possible!).

Every Ketubah couple we talk with seems to be looking to get away from a dull, cookie cutter Ketubah Text and are looking for something really out of the box. Our Reform and Interfaith Ketubah Texts aren’t just fresh, but meaningful. We know our couples feel a deep connection, and we want our Ketubot to reflect the love, commitment,and excitement for life that lies ahead of them.

So, watch some funny Jews telling jokes, and be ready to smile when you see the gorgeous, bold colors all around This Is Not a Ketubah. We can’t wait to get started!!

Team Ketubah

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