Gold Shoes Gorgeous Ketubah

Gold shoes on the Big Day? Nothing wrong with being a little creative!! So your wedding is 6 months away but you’re a planner. You plan things. And that means your dress is picked out, jewelry perfectly selected, but something is missing—the shoes! Should you go with something white, simple, and traditional? Maybe the more traditional and conservative side, or really live it up on the bold side with a pair of flashy gold sequined shoes?

If you’ve taken a look at the ‘kicks’ above, you know that they’re eye catching, with fantastic color and bold design, yet a simple touch. Without heels, they give an air of traditional, but still miles away from the strappy black shoes you always thought were just a little tacky.

Team Ketubah asks: why not? And if you’re picking out your wedding shoes six months in advance of your wedding, there’s plenty of time to think about creating a gorgeous custom ketubah, inspired by your shoes! Alright, alright, we understand that’s going a bit farther than the average couple might be into, but we’re excited to bring out the best in any wedding! From a gorgeous Ketubah with traditional pomegranate themes to those based on your wedding’s color scheme, we’re all about creating the perfect mix of modern and traditional for a Ketubah that you’ll absolutely love.

The shoes may be long gone after your big day, but your Ketubah will hang happily on your way as you grow together and raise a family. And why not capture the beauty of those beauties for the long haul?

Of course, there’s no reason that both Bride & Groom shouldn’t be in the fun. So sit down together and think hard about what you’d love to see on your dream Ketubah, from tree-themed traditional Ketubot to something completely unique and 100% original, Team Ketubah is here to make your dream reality!

Thanks to Elizabeth of Lowe House Creative for some great shots of these beautiful shoes!!

Team Ketubah

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