Who’s On First? (Ketubah HQ Edition)

What follows is a true story. No facts have been changed.

Date: September 10th, 2012.

Location: The TINAK Ketubah Arts Studio & World HQ, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Time: 4pm (Buenos Aires time)

The office phone rings. Nina, the Ketubah Concierge, answers.

Nina: Hello, this is Team Ketubah, I’m Nina. How can I help you today?
Person on the phone: This is Nina!
Nina: Hi! Yes, this is Nina! But who is this I’m talking to?
Person on the Phone: Hi there! I’m Nina!
Nina: You’re Nina? I’m Nina!
Person on the phone: I’m Nina! Who are you?
Nina: My name is Nina, what is your name?
Person on the phone: My name is Nina!
Nina: Maybe I am talking to myself! Who’s on second?
Person on the phone: What’s on third!

Not quite Abbott & Costello… but we all laughed!

Just another day in the Ketubah Arts Studio & Ketubah World HQ!

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