Ketubahs Back in Time

Every few years, we shed off styles, trends and TV shows and move on to the next big thing. But those fads don’t entirely disappear, and after a decade or so, we see them resurface and creep back into our lives. Vintage dresses, retro weddings and classic cars are out and about, and we love it!

In the world of weddings and ketubahs, retro designs are making waves. They not only look good, but they also represent the values of a generation and time that couples admire and wish to instill in their own lives.

Retro ketubahs are making a comeback and they’re more popular than ever. From the roaring twenties, to the groovy seventies and the disco eighties, there’s a lot of fun decades to choose from! Each time has its own distinctive style and history to draw from. Couples inspired by a particular era can incorporate those qualities in their marriage with a ketubah that reflects that age.

Like all things old, we embrace them with a modern touch and traditional values. The colors in retro ketubahs are rich and vivid, while the standard text holds the essence of the ketubah. Some of our favorite ketubahs from the retro ketubahs collection bring a blast from the past with a lots of glamour and excitement.

retro ketubah

The 60’s was full of color, peace, and of course the most important, love!  T colorful design to the fun layout, The 60’s Ketubah will bring you back to a time of bell bottoms, peace signs and retro flowers. With just the right amount of fun and romance, the 60’s style makes for the perfect Ketubah!

retro ketubah

Reminiscent of the seventies, we have The Retro Ketubah. The Retro Ketubah, with its concentric circles expanding out, recalls these themes, and brings the 1970s look up to the modern standard: disco music meets web 2.0, or Mick Jagger meets Lady Gaga.

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