Our White Ketubahs reflect elegance like no other!

White is an extremely elegant colour that reflects everlasting purity just like your relationship. White is a sign of new beginings and mental clarity. It is for the couple that is simple and happy in nature. In fact white is so significant that it has traditional meaning all around the world. It is worn by brides on their big day as it symbolizes virginity – a sign of purity and it is also a colour of truce, peace and tranquility. This is because white is personified as cleanliness and purity.

Apart from this white also reflects fairness and equality. It is a balance of all colours and it reflects innocence, goodfortune and goodluck just like in the famous Chinese ying yang. It is also beleieved through many parts of the world that white is the colour of angels and consequently depicts faith, good virtue and purity.

The colour white in psychology is said to help people achieve mental clarity, to remove clutter from their minds so that they can look forward to new beginings without any prejudices or resentment. Just happiness and peace.

You can have a look at our white Ketubah gallery where you will find endless gems that will bring peace and calmness to your soul. These white Ketubah embody many other colours in a simple fashion so that the elegance always shines through.

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