Ketubahs for Mature Couples: Ketubahs for Grandparents Remarrying!

Among our favorite Ketubahs to create are Ketubahs for grandparents, who have finally found the perfect partner at this stage of life. Sometimes, it takes decades of searching, and earlier attempts to find the right partner.

We have exciting news: we have a brand new Ketubah text, for a mature couple who are joining two large, multi-generational families. The text is beautiful and unique, and perfect for the couple who spent decades looking for their soulmate and now — after children and grandchildren! — finally found their beshert.

We usually think of Ketubot as being for the young couple. But that’s not the case at all — neither historically, nor today. Historically, older women whose husbands passed away would commonly remarry. Here’s an example from my personal family story: my great-grandfather came over from Minsk to New York. He saved up money, and sent it back to that they could send his wife over. And when she arrived… who stepped off the ship? Her younger sister. The older sister had died in the meantime. The younger sister became my great-grandmother so I, personally, am very happy that this happened!

Today, remarriages and waiting longer to find your perfect partner are increasingly common. The average age of first marriages in the US has increased tremendously over the last decades — and for second marriages, even more! Science is following up quickly, too: older women can have children later and later. Perhaps soon immortality might follow — who knows with modern technology!

Here at This is not a Ketubah, Yes it is believe that it is important that every couple find their right partner, no matter what their age is. Sometimes, it just takes a half-century.

And no matter how long it took you and your partner to find each other, we would love to have the honor and privilege of having this small but special role in your wedding day and create your Ketubah for you!

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