Ketubahs for Nerds!

We're proud -- well, I, in particular, am very proud -- how our ketubot (ketubahs?) so often appeal to fellow nerds.

Our ketubahs are by, for, and of nerds.

Of course, someone might disagree. I think everyone else on our team is cool. Yael is the coolest! Nina is over the top fashionable! Can you get any cooler than Autumn's Dr Seuss-style poetry? But they're all cool in that indearing, nerdy sort of way. The line between "hipster" and "nerd" is very thin indeed; and now that the hipsters wear the Woody Allen glasses, the line is even thinner!

Do you have a nerdy passion that you want to see on a Ketubah? Ask us.

Do you want a sci-fi Ketubah? We've done it. A fantasy Ketubah? We've done it.

But the sci-fi aspect of nerdiness is so... stereotypical. There are many other types of nerds.

I'm a literary nerdy myself. Do you want a ketubah based on words? Those are my favorite, check out our Font Series Ketubahs here.

What kind of nerd are you? What would you want to see on your Ketubah?

The Awesome Modern Ketubah Store (from Team Ketubah)

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