More and More Ketubahs in South Africa – Cape Town and Johannesburg!

We’re super excited that so many couples in South Africa love our Ketubot!

Over the last few weeks, we’ve had a whole bunch of orders for ketubahs from couples in South Africa, in both Cape Town and Johannesburg.

We’ve just started creating, printing and shipping these Keubahs for South Africans — so it’s becoming very real!

I happen to know a lot of South African Jews: my best friend growing up was a South African Jew, and I spent most of my childhood in his house. I know their accent inside out, I’ve heard them for decades talk in their particular vernacular: “Joburg” for “Johannesburg”, “UCT” for “the University of Cape Town”, and so forth. We heart South African Jews!

In fact, on my honeymoon, I was in South Africa and went to a bunch of wonderful shuls and Shabbat services, and one wonderful rabbi even invited us to a shabbos dinner. It was a perfect honeymoon.

If anyone else in South Africa is interested in a Ketubah — just ask! :) We’d be honored!

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