Ketubahs Living to 200!

A couple wrote to us yesterday ecstatic about finding out our awesome modern art Ketubahs, but with a question about their longevity: sure they look great, but can we count on how long they will last?  The answer is over 200 years!

Our ketubahs are printed on high-quality archival acid free materials and the high quality printing we use on this museum-quality paper ensures that the colors are brighter and the beauty is bolder, making the awesome Ketubah you order a centerpiece of your home.

The great thing about all  of our standard and custom Ketubot is that it isn’t just the design that is modern, but the technology of Ketubah-making as an art.

In fact, the high quality designs our artistic collective makes are not only fun, but for the ages. Our archival acid free materials are estimated to have a life of 100 years on display, making your This Is Not a Ketubah a beautiful part of your home you can even pass on to your children.   It is the perfect mix of ancient ritual and modern advances in Ketubah printing technology.

When stored or displayed in low-light (a room in the interior of your home without windows, for instance), paper decay is will not begin until later. Imagine passing an heirloom Ketubah onto your great-grandchildren with the same jaw-dropping colorful and bold style that you choose for your wedding day.  Now that’s a great Ketubah!

So whether you’re most attracted to the beautiful blue overtures inspired by Gaudi, in love with Pollock’s bold style, or want to show solidarity with Eretz Yisrael, rest assured that everything shipped from the team at This Is Not A Ketubah will be around for a quite a while.  May we all have such good health!



Team Ketubah

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