Languages on Smaller Ketubot?

Ready to make your Ketubah order? Have a favorite frame in mind, or looking for the elegance of a 12×18 in print? Trying to decide which languages you want to include on your Ketubah? Here are some things to keep in mind:

Languages on 12x18in Ketubah Prints

If you’re thinking of the 12x18in Ketubah Print size, here’s a note on language choices! Although our dedicated Artists do their best to make the text as large as possible in all our Ketubot, the 12x18in (or 12x24in long-form Ketubot) really only leaves enough room to comfortably include ONE language, English or Hebrew. Otherwise, the text will be printed about as small as the print in your average novel — which is too small for some couples. Especially those who choose the un-personalized text option, who need a Rabbi with very tiny hand-writing to fill in all of their information!

If you’re determined to order the 12x18in Ketubah print size, we recommend:

  • Getting the Hebrew and English Text personalized
  • Choosing only one language
  • Selecting the 16x24in print size

Of course, we’re more than happy to create the Ketubah with two languages in the smaller print size, but we wanted to let you know about the text!

Talk to your Officiant or Rabbi

Some Rabbis or Officinats will prefer that your Ketubah include both Hebrew and English out of tradition. We’re happy to include both languages, and our dedicated Artists will personalize the Ketubah by filling it in the information you provide us, or leave the the spaces blank.

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