Learn to Ride the Waves: Ketubot with Waves

Learn to Ride the Waves: Ketubot with Waves

We’ve all probably been on the receiving end of a piece of advice that encourages us to take matters into our own hands and take life by the throat, because the truth is that we can either learn to ride the waves of life or let them control us. Well, we all know that these waves can get pretty wild and intimidating, and it is during the storm that we wish there was a boat coming to save us. In fact, the strongest waves we don’t drown in are exactly what makes us stronger and shapes our character through life, which is something we should not turn away from.

They say that “a smooth sea never made a skillful soldier”, and while that may be hard to accept, it is entirely true. Once the waves start building, getting stronger, bigger, and more powerful – that’s when our survival skills are truly put to the test. Now, whether we’re talking about actual sailing or life in general, it is safe to say that only hardships have a transformative power¬†and that no lectures would be learned without those exciting waves that throw us off our feet. Waves can also signify an exciting change in our lives – the one we have been waiting for a long time. Life can get pretty stagnant and dull at times, so why not embrace the waves of change? We never know what these waves may bring but we can only hope for the best. Even the worst case scenario the waves bring to the surface can mean a lesson – a hard-learned one, but still appreciated.

At times, the best thing you can do is go with the flow and let the waves take you wherever it is you’re supposed to go at that moment. Many people tend to be too controlling, lacking spontaneity and faith, trying to avoid or control the waves life throws at them. It is not always up to us to decide the directions of our journey, and all we can do is trust the waves and let the wind do its magic.

The Golden Wave ketubah is an abstract representation of a wave, capturing its force, speed, and wild nature with swift, undefined brush strokes. What contributes to a chaotic representation of a wave is also the color scheme. Ketubah with waves is a great choice for passionate surfers who understand waves better than anyone else.



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