Live Your Own Fantasy: Fantasy Ketubah

Live Your Own Fantasy: Fantasy Ketubah

When faced with a harsh reality which often cannot be sugar-coated or avoided, many tend to find their escape in the world of fantasy. Fantasy isn’t only entitled to children, who don’t even have to face reality yet. In fact, the right to flee to a fantasy world is granted to everyone, regardless of their age, occupation, and gender. Fantasy filled with dreams and plans is often what keeps us going when the road gets bumpy and the situation seems hopeless. Dreaming and indulging in fantasy can fill one up with inspiration and motivation they need, and it also keeps the spirit of a child alive in every one of us, which is one of the most important tasks put in front of every adult.

It’s no surprise that fantasy movies, stories, and books get so much recognition, and impress such a big audience. In the fantasy genre, there are no rules, no boundaries, and limits. Fantasy allows the artists, as well as those enjoying their work, to disregard the comfort zone, think outside the box, and truly unleash their craziest imagination. Whenever you get fed up with the usual, the conventional, and ordinary, you can flee to the fantasy world where the limitations of the real world simply don’t apply.

And what about all those wonderful fantasy creatures? Who says that we can’t still believe in unicorns, fairies, enchanted castles, and all the magic that fantasies offer? The ability to believe in fantasies and find comfort in them isn’t lost as we grow up; it is just neglected and marginalized. Those who succeed in retaining the ability to trust a fantasy will always have a secret place to hide from all the troubles and create their own reality.

Whatever the objective of your fantasy may be, the best thing about it is that it is only yours, and you don’t have to explain it to others. When it comes to fantasy, it is free of other people’s judgment. However, when you decide to share your fantasy with someone who understands and appreciates it, that’s when the real magic is unleashed. Giving someone the keys to your own fantasy world may be one of the most intimate, important moments in a relationship between two people.

The Enchanted Forest ketubah is a modern take on the scenery of the forest, which could only be experienced in a fantasy. It embodies and entails everything that a fantasy is: boldness, chaos, and an unconventional direction.

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