Make your marriage shine as bright as the moon

The moon is the beautiful halo that lights the Earth when everything else seems dark and cold. The moon just like the sun has a very important role to play in helping nature keep its balance. It illuminates the world in a beautiful and subtle manner. It perfectly fits itself so that it not so bright that it dulls the stars but in reality helps them sparkle and glitter. The moon also has a significance in culture as many rituals revolve around it. Religions such as Hinduism and Buddhism celebrate special traditions and festivals according to the lunar calendar. This is because they the use the moon as a measure of time. People have been also known to worship the moon because of its beauty and ability to light the sky and remove darkness. It is also known in literature that the repetitive and consistent cycles of the moon depict immortality and eternity showing a beautiful change in all its phases. It has the beautiful light that rules the night and subtly lights the night sky while completing its cycle from a crescent to a beautifully lit full moon.

Throughout the ancient times, the moon was considered as a source of healing, a source of joy, comfort and happiness. Goddesses and other Gods in the olden days would relish the beauty of the moon and this has been well documented in history. So just like the glorious moon that shines, fills the sky with its beauty, and removes its black light, you too can choose the Moon category Ketubah so that your marriage will shine as bright and become as serene as the moon itself. The fact that the sun and moon balance each other in perfect harmony is something so beautiful and the two of you will also be able to perfectly complement each other throughout your marriage and life’s journey.

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