Milky Way Ketubot- A Celebration of Heavenly Love

“…loveliness is the Milky Way…but also all the myriad points of radiance streaming from your beauty…”

John Geddes, A Familiar Rain

Love clears the milking ways and connects two beautiful hearts with an adorable feeling of being felt, seen, and cared; and brighten up days and nights with a budding romance. Our heavenly beautiful collection of Milky Way Ketubot truly depicts that emergence of love, commitment, and romance in a classy way. You’ll love each and every piece of it.

A splash of warm colors, depicting the strength, breathtaking beauty, depth and magnificent exquisiteness of our galaxy, the Solar System Ketubah showcase a picturesque view of space. A couple who sees the grandeur of life, while feeling the passion and depth of their love, will truly appreciate the significance and appealing beauty of this masterpiece. Thunderous view of stars annihilation in the background along with the calmness of space on the side shows different layers of nature, life, and love. This beautiful ketubah is not only a reminder of the shared strength of love but will really enhance the look of your place, hanging on the wall.

Like a breath of fresh air, tranquilizing the nerves,  the Bright Lights Ketubah beautifully exhibits one of the most romantic time of all; a stroll in the night under the starry sky holding hands, a couple enjoying the comforting presence of each other while breathing in the refreshing breeze of winter. For all the couples out there, who are about to tie the knot soon, feel of the blossoming love is what keeps them going, keep them happy, and alive. To celebrate these beautiful moments forever, this ketubah is definitely a perfect pick.

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