Monday Inspiration: Wedding Dress Pool Jump!

It’s no secret that weddings can be stressful. But when they’re done right, everything should be like walking on a cloud. And when the big day is over, what could feel better than letting all the stress of wedding planning and the hubbub of family melt away than jumping into a nice, cooling pool?

Team Ketubah can’t think of anything more relaxing or refreshing. If you have a pool on hand, we say go for it! This picture from the awesome bloggers over at 4 Real Equality Weddings captured the moment perfectly, so we give them a big This Is Not a Ketubah thanks!

There are so many things about this picture that spoke to us: the rich colors the photographer captured, the feelings of pure joy, and of course how incredibly refreshing it will feel when the two brides hit the water! Sure, autumn is in full force, but before the days get too short, might as well jump on in with the one you love. The jury is out on how much it will cost to dry-clean the dress, but we’ll bet no matter how much, it was totally worth it.

Our Ketubot are inspired by the same feelings that give this picture so much emotion. Creating cool, funky, positively awesome artwork is a matter of getting together and brainstorming what artistic styles are gorgeously in line with our values. From the most traditional weddings to interfaith, humanist, and same-sex ketubot, we only want to make a Ketubah that will give you and your fiance pure, unadultered bliss when you sign it.

From the beauty in your hearts to the beauty that you will hang on the wall of your home, Team Ketubah is here to help you with all of your Ketubah questions. And we won’t stop until it has arrived at your door!

Team Ketubah

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