Music Ketubahs — Art Merging with Music

I will confess that personally, art is my second greatest passion; music is my first. Music in all its forms, from Bach’s bourees to Led Zeppelin’s morphing of jazz into what we now call metal. And if you too are a music lover — then we
would love to have the honor of putting a representation of your favorite music onto your ketubah.

Music can be incorporated into your ketubah in more ways than you think! The word of song is great for expressing pent-up feelings that we find so hard to put into words. Decorate your ketubah with lyrics from your favorite song which best describe your relationship and new beginnings. You can have it placed bold and center for all to see or weave it subtly into the artwork. One of our personal favorites is a border of lyrics in microscopic text of an entire song, circling the ketubah.

We’ve seen all kinds of requests, yet we still get inspired by the creativity and meaning couple’s bring to their marriages on paper in their ketubah. If music is an important part of your life, don’t just leave it to the first dance but embed it on your marriage contract. Have a silhouette of your favorite artist or band form the background to your ketubah. Or throw in icons from an album that changed your life!

You’d be surprised to know that there is a world of art dedicated to preserving music. Research art inspired by your favorite music in art galleries and you’ll find some great pieces for your ketubah. Or go original and talk to a professional artist, describing your vision and the style and colour your have in mind. They’ll whip up something personalized which will carry meaning and depth to you and your spouse, leaving you with a ketubah imprinted with your passion for music!

Team Ketubah

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