Music Ketubahs that Hit the Right Note

Some people say,

“Music makes the world go round.”

It’s not just a statement, but almost close to a fact. Music has a very special part in our lives. We associate strong memories and feelings with certain tunes and songs. And each time we hear them (no matter how much time has passed) the sentiments come rushing back. For many of us, we cannot imagine a world without music – from the chirping of birds at sunrise to the latest pop single.

For many couples, music is an integral part of their relationship – who doesn’t have a special “our song”? The song you first danced to, bonded over or just simply like because it’s a good song, can hold a special place in your partnership.

While you can’t get a singing ketubah (like those birthday cards that start croaking a chorus on repeat when you open them!), you can get a ketubah that incorporates music into it. There’s nothing quite like a moving melody or upbeat song to illustrate what words can’t — the connection and beauty of two people in love. We have a range of ketubahs for music lovers who hold music close to their heart and relationship.


The All That Jazz Ketubah, above, captures the classic style and emotion of jazz music. The swirling instruments and musical instruments give movement and life to this beautiful design. The checkered purple and blue background gives depth and color, creating the perfect space for the Ketubah text.

Another favourite of ours is The Paper Music Ketubah. It is for the couple that have that one song that truly defines their unique and everlasting relationship — a special connection expressed through rhythm and deep emotion. The gold accents against the simple black and white background compliment each other wonderfully and portray the beautiful symbolism music plays in life and love.

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