Ocean Ketubah: Love as Deep as the Ocean

Ocean Ketubah: Love as Deep as the Ocean

Standing by the ocean, everything else feels and seems small and unimportant. The problems, concerns, heartache – everything tends to look irrelevant standing by a neverending mysterious splatter of blue that ocean is. Whenever life gets overwhelming, and worries become overbearing, the water has the power to draw all the negative vibrations out and make them go away with the ocean breeze. The ocean is powerful, intimidating, and unattainable on one hand, while also being peaceful, comforting, and intoxicatingly beautiful.

The ocean has fascinated people since the beginning of time, not only due to its beauty and grandness but also because of its secret underwater world. The depths of the ocean keep secrets up to this day, many of which are inaccessible even for the most persistent researchers. The mystery of the ocean bottom has inspired one too many quests, but there are still parts, stories, and even inhabitants of the ocean that remain secret. Centuries have passed, but the ocean has successfully fought off every consistent, violent attempt of making it tamed. It still stands for liberty, wilderness, and ultimate power.

Whatever the reason may be, many couples consider the ocean the symbol of their love. Perhaps it was the first cruise, that special summer vacation on the beach, or a romantic date with an ocean view. Needless to say, the symbolism of the ocean stretches far beyond what meets the eye. The theme of power, beauty, and magnificence can also be attributed to the love you want to represent with an ocean ketubah. Also, the contrast between the strength and sensibility found in the symbolism of the ocean can also stand for the unity of a couple: the person who represents stability and strength on one hand, and the more gentle, sensitive counterpart on the other – which indeed makes a perfect combination.

The Underwater ketubah portrays the mystical, secret world hidden by the mesmerizing ocean surface. It represents the importance of looking and searching beyond the surface to find something that could be even more meaningful, instead of focusing solely on what’s presented right before our eyes. This ketubah design captures the vibrant color scheme of the ocean depth, emphasizing the patterns, the contrast of the light and the shadows, as well as the reflection of whales in a pair.


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