Our First Trilingual, Chinese Ketubah

Here at Ketubah HQ, we are always doing fun and exciting things for our couples — we’ll do anything to make sure you have the awesomest Ketubah ever.

We recently got a request that was so odd, we loved it: Paul Wesson, marrying Piper, told us he just loved the Lantern Festival ketubah but… he wants it in Hebrew, English, and… Chinese. We said, “We’d love to!” and after figuring out all the details (changing the size to fit in all the text; and solving questions like, “ummm, none of us speak Chinese, how do we create Chinese text that we’re sure will be perfect?”) and made him a fantastic Ketubah. On top of that, they were getting married in Taiwan, so we needed to make sure it got there–and the Chinese needs to be perfect!

On top of that, it turns out that, in our arts studio, we have a green wall. Just one of our walls, we painted it green for fun one day. But this wall can double as a green wall as in the movies, so we can easily change the background. We decided to have fun by taking some photos of ourselves, and putting ourselves in Taiwan! We created a sample of the Ketubah to see what it would look like, and had some fun taking photos of ourselves. Here’s Brad and Nina in Taiwan, with our Chinese, English, and Hebrew Ketubah for Paul and Piper:

Trilingual Chinese Ketubah In Taiwan

Trilingual Chinese Ketubah In Taiwan

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