Second Annual This is not a Ketubah, yes it is Donation

This is not a Ketubah, Yes it is (aka “Tinak” to our friends!) is proud to donate 10% of what we make every year to the Jewish orphanages of Argentina. We just did our second annual donation, and here are some photos. (Guess who is the lead artist, who is Morgan, who is Autumn and who is Brad… and this year, Nina was the photographer so she’s not in any of our photos and Julian was in Chacabuco so he couldn’t come — but Nina and Julian did have seats marked out with their names, next to each other!). The photos from below are from our donation to Babyhelp, a Jewish orphanage and daycare center in Buenos Aires, supported by The Joint.

IMG_20131030_120410 Resized

IMG_20131030_120620 Resized

IMG_0550 Resized

IMG_20131030_120746 Resized

IMG_0552 Resized

IMG_20131030_120848 Resized

IMG_20131030_120311 Resized

IMG_20131030_120714_1 Resized

IMG_20131030_120348 Resized

IMG_20131030_120536 Resized

IMG_20131030_120515 Resized

IMG_20131030_120137 Resized

IMG_20131030_120057 Resized

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