Unique Ketubahs – As unique as your Relationship and You!

We are all unique. It’s an established fact that no two people are alike. Even identical twins who have lived all their lives together have different personalities and tastes!

Yet we manage to find people, or rather ‘soulmates’, with whom we find something in common. Heard of the couple who met at a pottery class? Or the one that goes camping every weekend? Or perhaps the couple who bonded in a Black Friday queue for discounted TV’s? Whether it’s a shared love for things or how you met, each relationship is different in their own way.

We at This is not a Ketubah: Yes it is! believe that you shouldn’t settle for something generic to immortalize your marriage in ink. A ketubah should be as unique as your relationship. When you look at your ketubah you should feel a connection to its colour, artwork and even the type of font!

A ketubah is a symbol of your marriage, therefore is only right that it should also look the part. The best thing about ketubahs is that you can decorate it in any way you want. Bring the best things about your relationship to your ketubah.

Colour the background with a landmark from the city which defines your love; whether it’s the Eiffel Tower from Paris or the Brooklyn Bridge from New York, there is a whole lot of variety for each landscape. If your union is something out of this world, then have a peek at our space inspired ketubahs.

Although a relationship of a couple is popularly identified by the things you both have in common, oftentimes its the opposite case. If you are polar opposites of each other, then create a ketubah with an amalgam of your favorite things about each other.

Ask your significant other what they like best about you and our artists will design a ketubah which combines the two qualities into one ketubah masterpiece , reflecting all the uniqueness your relationship holds.

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