Vinyl Ketubahs: Put your First Song you dance to on your Ketubah!

Close-up View of a Phonograph

We’re proud to launch our newest product: Ketubahs on Vinyl.

Yes, you heard it correctly. A vinyl record. We’ll put your favorite song onto the record, and engrave your Ketubah on the entire record itself. And yes, it will still play your song — if you have a record player.

(Everyone’s first question is: is that a valid ketubah? and our response is: this is why we ALSO send you a paper copy, just to be 100% kosher!).

You can hang the Vinyl on your wall, play it, add it to your record collection, be a hipster. Endless possibilities.

But why would anyone want a Vinyl Ketubah? Oh, here are some possible reasons:

  • It’s fun!
  • No one’s every done it before
  • Music + Ketubah = Magic
  • Hanging a record on your wall
  • Using the first song you dance to IN your Ketubah itself!

Want to learn more? See our Ketubahs on Vinyl page, or send us an email to ask for more information!

Here at Team Ketubah, we love music. Especially Serge Gainsbourg and music from the early 1960s — precisely the era when record players were at their height! Sometimes we talk about getting a record player for our office. But now, with Vinyl Ketubot… it’s becoming a necessity!

Something about music speaks to the human soul — and it’s wonderful to capture that in the Ketubah itself, and in a way of creating the Ketubah. The music shouldn’t just be in your memory, or in a wedding video no one watches — but a deeper part of your life. Something you see every day. Such as, a Ketubah you hang on your wall, that contains the song itself.

Drop us a line if you want to know more!

PS: Wow I can’t believe how much interest there is in this! So exciting!


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