Want a Quirky Ketubah?

We pride ourselves on a couple of things — amazing customer service, for example! — but above all, we pride ourselves on, our quirkiness.

Yes, quirkiness. That is a word that is very underused these days. We want to bring it back!

We’re quirky people. We create quirky art. We work with quirky couples.

In fact, we love quirky couples.

If you’re a generic, boring couple — we’re probably not for you. There are lots of other Ketubah artists whom we would recommend, who will produce high quality, beautiful Ketubot for you guys.


But if you’re a bit different, then we’re for you.

Not unique like an Apple ad, where everyone is unique IN THE SAME EXACT WAY. Show you’re unique by wearing our white headphones–just like everyone else does.

Not unique like the alternative music scene… which everyone listens to, so it’s not really “alternative” anymore, is it?

But unique like, well, you two are just in your own universe.

Are you two obsessed with 1950s French music?* That’s seriously random. Lets talk!

Are you two having a Dr Seuss-themed wedding? That’s over the top. Lets talk!

Are you two having a non-wedding? I always think we should have non-weddings instead of weddings. Weddings have just gotten so commercialized–lets rebel against the commercialization. Lets talk!

Are you two having a wedding in five different languages, combining three religious traditions, on a lost island somewhere? Lets talk!

I mean, you can go buy a generic Ketubah off the shelf — even off of our shelf! We’ll love it, we’ll appreciate it, and it’ll be great.

But, when in your life is your unique personality going to come through if not at your wedding?

This is one reason why, we really love working with couples on commissioned ketubot, and also by tweaking and changing the art on one of our current ketubahs (to make it your favorite color; or to change the couples to look more like you two; or to add in this symbol) is so that your ketubah can be a truly unique, quirky piece of art that represents you two and your love and commitment to each other.

Are you quirky enough? Let us know!

Team Ketubah & the Modern Ketubah Store

PS: Speaking of ’50s French music (well, early ’60s), here’s some awesome Serge–who was Jewish, actually!

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