Want a Tagalog Ketubah?

As we create Ketubot in more and more languages, here’s another one on our radar… Tagalog, the beautiful language of the Philippines!

Recently, we’ve had a bunch of requests to create a Tagalog Ketubah, so we’re now looking into it!

It’s wonderful and heart-warming for us to see so many cultures mixing together in this wonderful way!

We have a lot of languages in our repertoire already: Spanish, German, French, Chinese… and it’s also exciting to add another!

I’ll confess: I knew almost nothing about the history of the Jews in the Philippines. But it turns out — unsurprisingly! — that there is a long and intense history of the Jews in the Philippines, including the Levy Brothers and Leopold Kahn from France, who emigrated there and created a few industries in the Philippines. Surprise, surprise — and this makes me want to go visit the Philippines, even more than I had wanted to!

By the way, fascinating blog from a Rabbi Eliyahu Azaria in the Philippines — of Beit Yaacov! The Rabbi is originally from Chicago, and I’ve never thought of going to the Philippines before but now I want to, more every moment!

If you’re also interested in a Tagalog Ketubah — then drop us a note to say hi! :)

Team Ketubah

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