Want Your Own Text on a Ketubah?

Hey everyone!

I just wanted to let you all know that, if you want to use your own text on a Ketubah — we’d love to put any text you want!

Our goal is to make sure your Ketubah is 100% perfect — and that includes the right text for you.

Your rabbi has a different text? We’ll use it.
You want to write your own text? We’ll use it.
You want to change the text? We’ll do it with you.
You want another language? We’ll make it happen.

It’s YOUR Ketubah. It’s critical to us that YOU are jumping with joy with the text of your Ketubah.

My legalistic side insists I point out that sometimes, we need to charge a bit more for this, because we need to pay the artist to put the different text in, or hire a translator, or go back-and-forth a million times — and so forth. But it’s not much, just a few dollars!

What text do you want on your Ketubah? How could you make your Ketubah perfect?

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