What are the Risks for Buying a Ketubah Online?

Sometimes, it’s a bit scary to buy a Ketubah online: what if there’s a problem? What if it doesn’t look good? What will it even look like in person? Is it even valid according to the Halacha?

Before the 2000s, almost everyone bought their Ketubah through their local Judaica store. But the Internet has been revolutionizing the Ketubah industry, as it has almost every other industry; today, almost all Ketubot are purchased online. Even Chassidic rabbis, who barely used Ketubot from Ketubah artists online a generation ago, now often recommend finding a ketubah online.

There are three big risks to buying a ketubah online: what if it looks different than the online photo? What if you don’t like it? And who can you talk to if you have any questions or problems?

Let me explain how we at Team Ketubah HQ (for This is Not a Ketubah – yes it is!) deal with these three risks. We’re obsessed with eliminating all risks and ensuring that your Ketubah is 1000% perfect, so we do a lot of little things to make sure we eliminate all the risks.

First, what will the material even look like? This is hard to solve online, so there are two solutions to that. First, we have lots and lots of photos and descriptions of our Ketubot — including photos from lots of couples! Looking at lots and lots of photos, not just graphical images but photos, goes a long way towards showing you what they look like.

A second solution is, we work with Judaica stores in a few major cities (New York, where we have a studio half the year, so you can meet us in person and see lots of our works then; Los Angeles; and Toronto, as of now!) so just ask us and we’ll recommend where to go to see our Ketubot in person, if you happen to be by one of those major cities!

The second problem is, what if you don’t like it? This risks exists anywhere, with anything you buy, and we combat it with our awesome no-questions money back guarantee! There are a few minor footnotes (we don’t refund customization or personalization work for example) but you don’t like it, we’ll give you your money back!! Just make sure you order it with enough time and there’s no risk because you can always send it back: this is how deeply confident we are in our work: we put our money where our mouth is!

The third risk is, what if you have a question or problem? Well, here at Ketubah HQ, we go all-out to give you the awesomest customer service in the ketubah universe! If you have any question at any time, just give us a call: (347) 627-0022 or email Nina directly at nina@tinak.org and we’ll get back to you by the next business day hopefully!

But the biggest risk of all is… what if your rabbi doesn’t approve? Have no fear–we will work closely with your rabbi in order to ensure he 100% approves! We will never print a Ketubah without the authorization of your rabbi!

The Ketubah universe is more digital by the moment! Any questions? Doubts? Fears? Hesitations? Just ask! We love talking to everyone! :)

Team Ketubah

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