Introduction to Gay Ketubahs

Ketubah for a lesbian glbt queer jewish wedding

Due to Popular Request: We’re putting together an FAQ on Gay Ketubahs! If you’re interested in one and want to see our FAQ, let us know!

How is a Gay Ketubah different from all other Ketubahs?

They are unique on a few levels. First, the grammar and vocabulary must be adjusted slightly to account for the gender difference; the Ketubah assumes a male spouse and a female spouse, while our language must account for two spouses, regardless of sex.

Traditional Ketubahs, furthermore, differentiate between different roles of the male and female spouse; the male’s family will be required to fulfill certain requirements, and the female’s family other requirements. What about the case where there is no such clear differentiation?

Bisexual, Gay, and Lesbian Ketubahs — what we at This Is Not a Ketubah like to call the “BGL” or “Bagel” Ketubahs — is a new universe. Only over the last years have Rabbis and traditional congregations just begun to accept non-traditional couples. Insofar as we have found, there is no standard Ketubah with the appropriate, modern, wording.

Perhaps we can create it together? Perhaps we can build the future together, a future of openness and accepting — one Ketubah at a time.

By the way, our partner BGL Ketubahs (get it? BGL – Bagel – Bisexual-Gay-Lesbian) specializes in Same-Sex, Gay, Lesbian & LGBT Ketubahs so check them out!

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