Where Do You Sign The Ketubah?

One question that is not as obvious as it sounds is,

Where do you sign your Ketubah?


Some of our ketubot include a line to sign it on. If there’s a line, sign it right above the line!

That was the easy part! But the part that people sometimes forget:

If there is no line, then sign it ABOVE your name!

Above, above, above!

In terms of the Halachah, it will be binding no matter where you sign it (so long as it is close to the name): above, below, left, right, in a circle around it! But in terms of visual aesthetics, it looks substantially better if you sign the Ketubah above your name!

In case you’re wondering, “How come you don’t always include a line? That would make it easy for us to know where to sign!” and the answer is: we’re super-obsessed with your ketubah looking visually perfect. And, in many designs, the line would uglify it just slightly. And we want your Ketubah to look perfect!

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