Where in your house should you hang your Ketubah?

One question that every Jewish couple faces is, where in their house should they hang their Ketubah? Which wall, and in which room, is just right, just perfect, to hang your Ketubah on? Where in the house should the Ketubah be displayed?

It can be a challenging question, and must be analyzed based on various criteria:

What rooms in the house are the most prominent? Does everyone hang out in the living room?

Do you, personally, view the Ketubah as a more private document (in which case, the Bedroom is ideal to hang it) or a more public document (in which case, the living room is ideal)? Most modern Jews view the Ketubah as a public document — indeed, it originally began as a public contract. The wedding has witnesses, for example! But some traditions used to keep it more private; most of those traditions have been lost in the USA, for example.

What are the other design elements that are practical considerations? Sometimes, our clients have both a large and a small living room — and although it might be preferable to post the public document in the large living room, the walls are already full, so we put it into the smaller living room, instead.

The country you are living in is also a consideration to keep in mind. In Latin America, Ketubot are often kept in private; in Israel and the USA, they are often publicly displayed, in a prominent part of the house!

Are you wondering what wall to place your Ketubah on? Ask us, we can help you figure it out! Our email address is: team@tinak.org

We’d love to hear from you – let us know!

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