Which is the Sweetest Ketubah?

Team Ketubah had a vote this morning: which is the sweetest Ketubah of them all?

I’ll jump to the answer The Romantic Ketubah — but first let me explain why we mean by the “sweetest.”

First, it must be called a Ketubah: A rose by any other name might smell as sweet, Shakespeare said (“but not if it’s called a ‘stink blossom’,” Bart Simpson added) — but with a Ketubah, it must — first and foremost — be a Ketubah!

Secondly, it must be cheesy enough. The only way to be sweet without being cheesy is by being subtle — but if it’s subtle, then it’s almost always lost on everyone! Confession: here at Ketubah HQ, we love cheesiness!

Third, it can’t be too cheesy. Then we’d have a cheese-bomb! We want red roses, but not bouquets and bouquets of red roses!

Fourth, it needs to represent you two as a couple — it can’t be too abstract. The sweetest Ketubahs are the ones showing the couple in love, in our opinion: capturing forever the moment when both of you are at the happiest moment in your life!

In our opinion, The Romantic Ketubah satisfies all of these criteria. You want a sweet Ketubah? Go for this one! :)

Want any other Ketubah recommendations? Just ask!

Team Ketubah

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