A Hannukah Surprise from Team Ketubah? Brighten Your Day!

It’s official: Hannukah 5772 begins tonight! If you stop by This Is Not a Ketubah, you might notice we’ve made some tiny changes to celebrate the season, and we can’t wait to show you! In honor of those 8 Crazy Nights (and the grand total of 44 candles), last night Team Ketubah added a little something special–and it even moves! Now, when you click on over to see colorful, modern ketubot, you’ll also get a splash of the Festival of Lights!

Can’t see what we’re talking about? Here’s a hint: Check out the bottom right-hand corner of your screen, and click on those 9 brightly burning lights, and you can chat directly with a member of Team Ketubah. In fact, you don’t even need to have a Ketubah question, we’d love to just chat!

Aren’t sure where to start with your Ketubah, and aren’t ready to start thinking? No worries! We’d love to chat with you, now more than ever that we have such a funky, cute, and inspired way to do it! We love to brainstorm the latest ideas in Ketubah design, or just chat about your wedding ideas. Haven’t set a date yet? Don’t worry!

Team Ketubah strives to make your Ketubah as stress-free as possible, from design to text options–reform, interfaith, or more traditional! You can count on us to have your Ketubah arrive perfectly to you door. Along the way, we’ll chat with you however you’d like: email, phone, or even our neat little Menorah chat option. We’d love to chat!

Best for a Happy Hannukah and a great eight crazy nights! For some great tips on how to make the most of your celebration, visit our friends over at RitualWell!

Team Ketubah

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