The Bubbe Shows You How: Latkes & Ketubahs Edition!

Like every good Jewish Holiday, Hannukah proudly sports its own traditional food that would just seem out of place any other time of year! Cue Cooking With The Bubbe: Latke Edition! Team Ketubah has always been a fan of mixing the traditional with the modern, so our latest find really got us excited! Grandmothers on YouTube? Count us in!

Maybe you’ve always left the Latke cooking to your Bubbe, or just never had the courage to get close enough to a hot frying pan to make the Jewish delicacy yourself, but there’s no time like the present! Latke ingredients can mostly be picked up at the corner store, and won’t run you more than about $15 to feed all of your friends! Seriously, the yield on this recipe is high, and everyone will leave feeling the good-old-oil-saturated-joy of Hannukah!

There is something about Latkes that just puts Team Ketubah in a nostalgic mood. Is it the warm crispness on a cold winter day? The golden color and joy of vanquishing Persian foes? Maybe it’s just the dollop of apple sauce that gets us!

Looking to take a classic recipe and add a modern, colorful twist? The Bubbe’s got you covered! Try subbing out the potatoes for zucchini and carrots. Before you know it, you’ll be whipping up an awesome creation that will make The Tribe proud!

Of course, we have to throw a hat-tip over to Allison at The Wedding Yentas. Full of wit, insight, and some smart ideas for Jewish weddings and life, we can’t stop reading! We wouldn’t have found this great video without her!

You can check out The Bubbe: Kosher Cooking, Jewish Wisdom, and Yiddishkeit for more cooking tips. You’ll feel right at home!

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