After Rain There’s a Rainbow: Rainbow Ketubah

After Rain There’s a Rainbow: Rainbow Ketubah

They say that, in order to experience the rainbow, you must go through a rainy day first and learn to appreciate it. In fact, a rainbow comes as a reward for those who have stood tall through the rain and believed that the light will overpower the dullness of a grey sky. However, those fortunate enough are able to experience the magic of a rainbow whenever their lives enter a lackluster phase by allowing a special person to bring a range of colors and break them out of the darkness.

Rainbows have always caused nothing but admiration, and people have anticipated them with every last drop of the rain. Rainbows symbolize relief and a fresh start even after the heaviest of rains and the darkest of days. A rainbow can light up anyone’s day and bring them back to childhood when they believed in mystical creatures, magic, and unicorns. However, the symbolism of rainbows isn’t exclusive to fairytales¬† – even grownups are entitled to its magnificent beauty and irresistible allure.

There is no guarantee of a rainbow after each rainy day, and even when it decides to show up and steal the show in the sky it isn’t there to stay. You can capture its vibrant colors on camera, but the picture just won’t do it justice, and it makes a rainbow unattainable and therefore particularly interesting. A rainbow, just like many beautiful moments in life, cannot be truly captured and revived as vividly once it is gone. We cannot take a rainbow, or a cherished moment, with us and admire it just the way it is every time we need a reminder of that magical instance. The beauty of a rainbow is in the moment, a few lucky minutes, that only goes to show that raw, true happiness cannot be seized and locked in a vault we can always come back to. That is precisely why we should never take instances of great joy and magic for granted, and a rainbow is a true embodiment of such a magnificent moment in our lives.

The Parade ketubah, inspired by the astonishing work of Marc Rothko, emphasizes an important aspect of a rainbow: unity. Although it is composed of colors which may seem quite different at first, they are actually perfectly merged into a rainbow, setting all the differences aside. A rainbow stands as a symbol of perfect unity between two people who may be different in certain aspects, but still form a strong bond when united.

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