Out-Of-This-World Love: Space Ketubah

Out-Of-This-World Love: Space Ketubah

How many times in your life has a person, an event, or an emotion left you speechless and unable to explain it since you were under the impression that it was out-of-this-world? Many things in life are overwhelming, intense, and magical – just like space. People have always been amazed and impressed with the idea of space: limitless, unexplored, and unattainable. No matter how much the civilization evolves and technology expand, only the smallest portion of space is known to the mankind. Before this gigantic mysterious idea that space is, everyone and everything seems so trivial.

Even today, when we have so much information available, and we see people flying into space with no trouble, it still remains one of the biggest mysteries. We have witnessed the mankind perform a lot of unimaginable experiments, and while seeing a man walk on the Moon is no longer a shocker, it is just a particle of the vastness that space is that a limited number of people is able to experience. This enormous world that space is hasn’t opened its doors for the human race just yet; all we’re able to do is take a peek through its window. And as we continue to knock on the door and hope for clarity, it seems that space becomes an even bigger secret with every new attempt of exposing it.

In a world where everything seems predictable, uneventful and unoriginal, hardly anything can impress us anymore. However, space remains the ultimate mystery that will always trigger our imagination and cause a feeling of restlessness deep inside. We go about life accepting only what is visible, tangible and known, but we cannot shake off the feeling that there is something more up there: an even bigger galaxy, a whole other life, a whole new world?

Space ketubah collection cherishes and emphasizes the beauty of space, the Moon, the Sun, and the neighboring planets. The Under the Moonlight ketubah design portrays the sizzling lights and daring colors of the moonlight, while also incorporating space elements such as galactic lights and an ethereal presence. This particular ketubah design is a perfect choice for space fanatics who have trouble putting their love into words. The concept of eternal love could, in fact, be defined through the concept of space: it is fascinating, inexplicable, detached from the rest of the world, ever-present, and, above all, endless.

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