Love in the Golden State: California Ketubah

Love in the Golden State: California Ketubah

California… the star-studded, glamorous, extravagant yet peaceful state that many would describe as heaven on Earth. Many dream of California’s breathtaking beaches, famous venues, and movie sets. On the other hand, many residents of California would gladly trade with anyone who does not spend their days stuck in traffic. Whether you love California, yearn for it, or don’t necessarily appreciate its hectic ways, one is certain: it is a truly magical place. California is a state of dreams, bigger-than-life personalities and luxury, while still preserving its rawness and genuine beauty. California may not be a place for everyone… but it certainly does offer something for everyone!

There are so many tales of courageous young people who came to California with nothing but dreams in their pockets, trying to make it big in the Golden State. California has been known as the land of opportunity and home to the American Dream for years. For many aspiring actors, singers, and artists, California has been the only possible destination for decades. Hollywood, California’s shining star, remains the biggest dream factory in the world, constantly drawing new talent and producing and shaping the biggest stars the world has ever known. However, those who have truly experienced California know that there’s more below the superficial mask of glitz and glamour… as enchantingly beautiful as it is.

California has what many would refer to as the perfect weather, and sunny days are a given in most parts. A vast majority of residents of California are pretty much able to enjoy the sunshine and the wonderful beaches all year round, with an exception of areas such as San Francisco, which offers a refreshing change – literally. California is indeed a perfect location for everyone who enjoys nature, impressive theme parks, best fast food in the world, famous movie locations, and celebrities. If you’re lucky enough to call sunny California your home – you know what we’re talking about.

California inspired ketubah collection has been designed specifically for couples who live in the Golden State or have memories which tie them to this beautiful place forever. The San Francisco Skyline ketubah will be particularly appealing to San Francisco residents or those who admire the monumental Golden Gate bridge. This ketubah piece is a perfect representative of modern art, combining sharp images and bold lights of the city skyline, while still emphasizing the romantic side of California’s true star – San Francisco.


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