Dance in the Rain: Rainy Day Ketubah

Dance in the Rain: Rainy Day Ketubah

For some people, rainy day automatically means a ruined day they’re going to spend complaining about the weather and their compromised plans. On the other hand, there are people who know that we should take no day for granted and that even a rainy day is an opportunity to do more of what makes you happy. They say the weather dictates the mood, but even a rainy day can turn out to be memorable if you invest enough enthusiasm and optimism. At the end of the day, life is about learning how to enjoy every single moment, even on a rainy day, instead of waiting for everything to be just perfect.

Yes, sunny days allow us to go anywhere we want and engage in numerous activities, but on a rainy day, you’re able to stay in and truly enjoy what’s important. A rainy day is a perfect opportunity to finish that book you never got the chance to finish, catch up with old friends you haven’t seen in a while, organize a movie night, or simply enjoy a romantic dinner. Rainy day allows you to slow down for a moment, set all your commitments aside, and breathe. It can be a perfect excuse for some much-needed “me-time”, so you can dedicate the next rainy day to your pampering routine and favorite music. Sometimes, all we need is a moment of serenity in order to recharge, organize, and reflect on everything that has been going on lately. What better time to sit down and make plans than a rainy day?

Yes, life gives us both ups and downs, sunny and rainy days. It is truly a rollercoaster, and no matter how hard you try, the rainy days just have to happen. However, it isn’t about whether or not you’re able to avoid rainy days, because no one is; it is about how you choose to go through them. Finally, it is the rainy days and the hardships that define us.

The name of the ketubah from our rainy day inspired collection,¬†Under Our Umbrella, truly emphasizes what’s important in a marriage. Once those rainy days arrive, two people in love share the umbrella, as well as all the good and bad moments that come along.¬†Under Our Umbrella¬†ketubah emphasizes the romantic aspect of a rainy day, portraying a couple kissing in the rain and living in the moment.

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