Heart of a Dragon: Dragon Ketubah Collection

Heart of a Dragon: Dragon Ketubah Collection

Present only in myths and legends, dragons are considered to be fictional beings that have never lived among people. Although ancient tales report differently, history disagrees with the possibility of the existence of these mysterious creatures at any point in history. Regardless of theories, beliefs, and the lack of proof, the presence of dragons in the history of the world, no matter how fictional, is still undeniable. A dragon remains a symbol of courage, domination, and fear. In some tales, dragons are perceived as dreaded, dangerous villains fighting the human race. On the other hand, we have also heard of tales in which dragons were portrayed as fearless heroes in the eternal battle of good and bad. Nevertheless, the impressive physique and fire-breathing power of dragons have inspired countless movie scripts, novels, and fairy tales.

Cultures in different parts of the world depicted dragons quite differently. In Europe, dragons were believed to be cruel, ruthless beings living underwater or underground, lurking in the dark and waiting for their prey. In most of the tales originating from Europe, dragons are depicted as vicious, wicked creatures, often encountered at the gates of great treasures. By contrast, Asians perceived dragons as wise, noble, magical creatures worthy of admiration. In Japan, dragons were believed to be wingless beings found only in waters.

Perhaps the strongest and most positive symbolism related to dragons originates from China, where dragons are known as symbols of good fortune and positive vibrations. In the ancient times, Chinese believed the dragons to have control over natural forces such as hurricanes and floods. Even today, a dragon remains an epitome of heroism, potency, vitality, and overall sense of happiness. Modern North American culture introduced dragons as saviors and good-natured beings coming to young women’s rescue, while the Aztec and Mayan cultures also held them responsible for the forces of nature in relation to water.

The Chinese Dragon ketubah is an ideal representative of the vision of dragons in the Chinese culture. In China, dragons are more than just characters in ancient tales; their symbolism lives on and continues to grow. This astonishing dragon collection ketubah piece is a daring modern-art design, perfect for fearless couples who enjoy vibrant colors in combination with bold, eye-catching shapes. The Chinese Dragon is also a design we believe couples (or individuals) with Asian heritage would enjoy the most, as it is a beautiful tribute and a strong statement.

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