Announcing: Golden Tree Ketubah!

Here at Team Ketubah HQ, we have an exciting announcement we want to share with y'all:

After months of hard work, we're ready to announce our latest line of unique ketubot: Golden Tree Ketubah.

What makes Golden Tree unique is two things.

First, we're the first ketubah project that focuses entirely on tree-themed ketubot. Trees are a traditional element that have been included on ketubot for centuries -- and now we're focusing on them!

Secondly, ketubot are expensive to create. But with our new line of ketubot, we're using a new process that allows to create ketubot, for the same size, that are $130 cheaper than our standard line. These new ketubot will be the most affordable ketubahs on the market.

We'd love to hear your feedback -- let us know what you think of Golden Tree Ketubah!

Morgan & Team Ketubah

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