Green Ketubahs, Fresh Ketubahs

Nature’s beauty is incomplete without greenery gushing from every corner. The first glimpses of budding new leaves and fresh grass in spring brings along with it feelings of hope and energy, which linger in the air up until winter and green is still visible.

Green has long been associated with nature, youth, life, vitality, hope and earth. Many couples choose to have their ketubahs in the color of nature to symbolize life and hope for an evergreen relationship.

In different eras and cultures, the color has been a banner for a number of positive causes. In China green is associated with fertility. In the Middle Ages, green was worn by merchant, bankers and the gentry. Today, we use green in traffic lights as a sign of safety and permission.

Many nature inspired ketubahs on This is Not a Ketubah feature green landscapes complete with green trees, leaves and grass. They are perfect for couples who are in touch with mother nature, and want to go forward with their marriage with all the positive feelings they get when they are out in the wild.

“The garden of love is green without limit and yields many fruits other than sorrow or joy. Love is beyond either condition: without spring, without autumn, it is always fresh.” Thirteenth century persian poet Rumi describes love as green in this timeless quote; always fresh, alive and a source of life and energy.

Green ketubahs come in all kinds of artwork and designs. We have several shades of green in the new papercut collection for the modern couple, which combines a unique, two-tone design with two layers of text and art. Spontaneous couples will love the fingerprint ketubahs where you can ask your guests to leave a fingerprint on your ketubah, in different tones of green.

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