Roses are Red, Ketubahs are Too!

In the aftermath of Valentine’s Day, it’s hard not to notice how much the color red embodies everything and anything associated with love. Red roses and red hearts, a staunch feature of romantic gestures, are used to convey passion and deep commitment between two people.

On popular demand, red makes a regular appearance in our ketubah collections inspired by nature, cities, spices, planets and so much more. They are great for couples who want to stamp their fiery personalities and love onto their ketubahs forever.

Unsurprisingly, the color of love is an auspicious color for marriage, especially in Asian cultures. Indian and Nepalese brides wear red on their wedding day. In Japan and China, brides wear red for good luck and future happiness.

Psychologically, red stirs up feelings of passion and adventure – it also stimulates appetites, which is why you often see red in restaurants! Red ketubahs are very motivating and excite emotions in people to do something positive for their married life.

The color of blood and fire is an emotionally powerful color. It has come to emboss all things which bring out the deepest and intense emotions in a person; ranging from love, desire and passion to energy, war, strength, power, and determination.

Red is not a subdued colour and instantly attracts attention from afar. It is not the color for people who are looking for something to blend in with their surroundings. Red ketubahs stand apart from everything else and bring energy, zeal and excitement to a place. They are perfect for couples who want to display their ketubah at their reception or frame it at home in the living room.

Some interesting ketubahs in red to check out are The Babushkas Ketubah, L’Amour Des Amantes Ketubah, and The Love Ketubah inspired by the iconic Love Sculpture in New York City.

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