Architecture and Ketubot!

For ages buildings have only served practical purposes, but as time and man’s tastes have evolved, architecture has become a form of art itself. People travel across the world to marvel at man-made wonders in Egypt, Paris, London, Italy and many more wonderful places.

Artists too have flocked back to their towns and cities, from natural landscapes in the countryside, to draw inspiration. Inspiration from man’s creations have seeped into ketubahs today. Each architectural achievement has meaning beyond it’s aesthetic appeal which couples want to bring into their marriage.

Architecture inspired ketubahs are perfect for people who want to build a strong marriage that is beautiful on the outside and solid on the inside. These ketubahs represent enlightenment of the modern age which can battle all storms.

Bridges represent two islands of personalities coming together to form a firm relationship, stronger than concrete and steel, to last not just a lifetime, but forever. The Bridge Ketubah is a great choice for strong-minded couples from completely different backgrounds with a rock solid bond. Their ketubah represents the sea of challenges they have battled and survived.

Art lovers of New York City will appreciate The Guggenheim Ketubah which pays tribute to the culture and pace of life in the Big Apple. The gray background is illuminated by the iconic yellow taxi cabs of the city representing the hustle and bustle residents are only too familiar with.

The Big Benjamin Ketubah in our London Ketubot collection, features one of the cities most widely known architectural pieces: the famous tower bridge. More than a hundred years old, the Victorian bridge is riddled with history and significance. Fans of Bristish culture and art will adore this ketubah.

What identifies a city is its skyline of buildings in all shapes and sizes. The Boston Skyline Ketubah illustrates this perfectly. Reflecting off of the Charles River, the vibrant colors of this design lights up the skyline beautifully, adding an extra touch of romance.

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