Ketubahs in Big Cities!

People travel from far and wide to visit the world’s greatest cities to experience culture, history and marvel at old and new architecture. Iconic places like Paris, London, New York, Tokyo, and Jerusalem leave a lasting impression on visitors and inspire them for life.

Couples who draw their best memories and experiences from the world’s biggest cities find them to be the best backdrop to their ketubahs. Our artists have created an astounding collection of city inspired ketubot, using interesting elements from their landscape. The Shanghai Subway Ketubah and Metro De Madrid Ketubah are remarkable pieces based on their subway and metro maps respectively.

Different places hold different meaning to different people. Your neighbour loves New York City because they had a memorable trip there, you might like it because you met your partner there, or your cousin might like just because of the Empire State Building! No matter how small or long your interaction with a city, it can make an imprint for life and hold a special place in your heart.

But you don’t have to see a place to fall in love with it. Whether you’ve visited Chicago or not, you’ll find the Chicago Skyline Ketubah enchanting and vibrant. Artists have long come out of natural country sides and been drawn by man’s tall creations in the bustling metropolis. The Eiffel Tower in Paris is a classic example. The steel structure is the focus of countless stunning portraits and photographs, making you fall in love with a place you’ve never seen with your own eyes!

Like people, cities have developed personalities of their own. Paris Ketubahs are a great choice for couples who, like the romantic city, have a deeply loving relationship. Hollywood ketubahs are a statement for glamour and style – a great choice for couples who keep chic ;)

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